Thursday, February 26, 2009

1-3 October 2007 Taiwan radio recordings

For those 3 days A-do was the guest DJ on this radio show. The last recording on the DJ’s blog entry, when someone requested Stanley Huang’s 《音浪》Yin Lang (Sound Wave), is hilarious. A few days later during my Physics lecture on sound waves I held in my laughter at the memory of hearing the recording, and on Let’s Dance 2 weeks ago, one group performed accompanied by a medley of Stanley’s songs, one of which was 《音浪》, and I could feel the laughter bubbling up within me again.

The Youtube videos on the blog entry has been deleted, but the audio recordings are still there.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bahasa Indonesia forum thread on 《爱情烘焙屋》 Ai Qing Hong Bei Wu/Love Bakery

The one who started the thread did mention A-do a few times.

Any recommendations for a Bahasa Indonesia-English free online translator? Or any kind souls able to briefly translate what they are talking about? Thank you so much!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Warmth just when I needed it

I was shivering a lot in the lecture theatre this afternoon. It was only when I went out for a toilet break that I realised that it had rained for the first time since Chinese New Year.

My bus home doesn’t stop near my lecture theatre today, so I had to walk out in the rain to take a shuttle back to my home faculty, then take the homeward bus. Fortunately, I got a seat, but on the flip side, I was seated under an air-con nozzle blasting out cold air. I started my phone’s music player and thought, “Now the song I would like to hear most now is 《温暖》(Wen Nuan/Warmth sung by A-do and Vicki Zhao on CCTV’s 2003 Chinese New Year countdown)…” Guess what, it was indeed the first song I heard. (My music player is usually on shuffle mode, so I get a variety of songs every time I listen.)

However, the air-con continued at full blast, so I got up a few stops before home and stood at the exit where there aren’t any nozzles. After I alighted I was (and still am) thankful it is a tropical climate I live in.

PS for passing Vicki fans: Just before I got up I think I heard someone playing Vicki’s 2005 song《我和上官燕》 (Wo He Shang Guan Yan/Me and Shang Guan Yan) on his phone.

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