Friday, October 31, 2008

A-do's Canadian performance has been cancelled

Heard on youyou it was due to paperwork and timing problems.

My earlier post:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An A-do song from 《都市恋人的追逐》Addicted to Love

I noticed from my visitor statistics that quite a few people were searching for the song(s) from the show since it went on air in Malaysia last week. I am only going to watch the show online after my exams end in early December, but I have heard from the others on youyou that A-do sang《单向的爱》Dan Xiang De Ai (One Way Love) live in the show, in his role as a singer at a music café. It is also one of the songs in last year’s 《撒野》Sa Ye (Release).

I heard it was also a song in 《爱情烘焙屋》 Ai Qing Hong Bei Wu (Love Bakery). (Speaking of which, I hope the DVD set Ping sent to me hasn’t been lost, it’s been 2 months! I emailed MDA last night to enquire if they are checking my copy of the 25-30 episode show.)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Voting for 2007 TVB music award ceremony

Chinese link to vote:

The awards ceremony will be held on 7 December 2008, Sunday. A-do's song 《撒野》Sa Ye is one of the songs nominated as a top song(TVB8金曲榜金曲奖). In order to vote, it is necessary to make choices for all the categories. These are my votes:
Most popular male singer in mainland China/TVB8金曲榜内地观众最爱男歌手奖: Jeff Chang张信哲
Most popular female singer in mainland China/TVB8金曲榜内地观众最爱女歌手奖: Kelly Poon潘嘉丽
Most popular Cantonese song worldwide/TVB8金曲榜全球观众最爱粤语歌曲奖 (uh oh... I don't know any of the songs! So going by what I know of the singers alone...): Hins Cheung张敬轩
Best singer-songwriter/TVB8金曲榜最佳唱作歌手奖: Sky Wu伍思凯
Best duet/TVB8金曲榜最佳合唱歌曲奖: 《期待爱》Qi Dai Ai (Anticipating Love) by JJ Lin林俊杰 & Kym Jin Sha金莎
Best newcomer/TVB8金曲榜最佳新人奖: Jade Liu刘力扬
Best group/TVB8金曲榜最佳组合奖: Energy
Most popular male singer/TVB8金曲榜最受欢迎男歌手奖: Jeff Chang张信哲
Most popular female singer/TVB8金曲榜最受欢迎女歌手奖: Kelly Poon潘嘉丽

A-do at Singapore Hit Awards in 2002 and 2003

The ceremony was being held as I was typing this. Unfortunately, A-do didn’t receive a single nomination this year. (*>_<*) But happily, the nomination list for the Entertainment Association of Malaysia Awards was released on the same day as the list for the Singapore Hit Awards with one nomination for him, so I still had something to report on that day.

A-do has received a total of 3 awards in 2002 and 2003 combined: Best Newcomer (Gold) and Local Newcomer with the Most Potential in 2002, and Best Local Singer (together with Stefanie Sun) in 2003. These are the screenshots from the Singapore Hit Awards official site this year:

And here are the photos!


This was when he was making his acceptance speech for the Best Newcomer Award (Gold).


Making acceptance speech for Best Local Singer. The presenters were Selina and Hebe from S.H.E. (standing behind) and David Tao (not in photo).

Presenting the Best Newcomer Awards with Fish Leong. A-do had the pleasure of presenting JJ's Gold award.

There is also a group photo of all the award winners from Teens/Teenage, will dig it up when my holidays begin.

Another blog entry on A-do’s 2 October Harbin performance

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Registration needed to view 《都市恋人的追逐》Addicted to Love on ntv7 website

And the timing for the Singapore telecast has not been fixed yet.

The good news is that registration is not restricted to Malaysians.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

6 January 2008: A-do's Release Singapore autograph session

Reading the threads on youyou and saw Alice's request for an English blog entry on this (if I interpret this correctly). This is what I posted on my personal blog then.
Well, it’s been 6 years since A-do started out in 2002, but he’s the same nice guy.

Like when he and a fan were supposed to act out a skit where she forgot to buy for him and the number he wanted came out as the 1st prize, his response was, “What…!” and then “Never mind… I am sure I will win the 1st prize again next week.” It was only a skit, but it spoke volumes of how he didn’t want to hurt another person’s feelings.

When he was throwing posters to the crowd, one fell onto the downward escalator which was some distance away from the stage. He immediately said, “Oh, careful!” to the people who were fighting for the poster near the railing. (I saw one guy from that group run down to retrieve the poster later.)

During my turn onstage, my hands were full with the album and camera and I was so engrossed in passing on the message from the forum people that I almost forgot to shake A-do’s hand. After hearing the message, his reply was, “Thank you, thank you for your support!” and then he stretched out his hand. Not too different from my 1st time in 2004, when my camera had switched off and he told us, “Your camera flash wasn’t on just now.” This is why I have been so eagerly awaiting his albums for the past few years.

The people in charge of running the session were generally nice, just like what I saw when I went to get A-do’s signature in 2004 and 2006. Miss Xiao Xiong, who accompanied A-do to Jurong Point yesterday, said thank you to the fans who went onstage to get their albums signed, and the people from radio 1003 were keeping an eye on the little kids who were present.

One more thing I almost forgot to mention: The booth selling albums at the venue were soon out of stock, looks like more people than expected showed up!

《坚持到底》Jian Chi Dao Di (Perseverance)

I still remember the day when Jian Chi Dao Di first went on Singapore airwaves in November 2002. A-do had an interview on 93.3, and was explaining to the DJ that the cover of the single given to radio stations is different from the actual album cover.

Incidentally, the covers of the Singapore and mainland Chinese/Taiwan editions of the album are different. This is my Singapore edition album.

And this is the official wallpaper with the photo used for the mainland Chinese/Taiwanese album cover. I downloaded this from the Ocean Butterflies website in Taiwan after the album release and set it as my computer wallpaper.

This song has been out for nearly 6 years, and I have been listening to it through secondary school, JC (Singaporean equivalent of high school) and now university. It never fails to cheer me up! (*^_^*)


在水里 在火里
我的爱 不变不移

在风里 在雨里
你的雨伞 吹翻过去
我绝对 毫不犹豫

四个字 坚持到底 喔~~
如果没有你 我的生活回到一片狼藉

四个字 坚持到底 喔~~
不管有多苦 我会全心全意 爱你到底

当你看进我的眼里 我的心颤抖不已
你竟然温柔的说一句 感觉累的时候 让我抱紧 喔~~

Listen at A-do’s official youyou website:

Pictorial reminder to self

Bring enough loose change for the vending machines in school! :P

I believe this photo was taken by Malaysian newspaper Sin Chew Daily in early 2006, because of this next photo:

Translation of message: To Sin Chew Daily readers, may you prosper in the year of the Dog and have your wishes come true.

因为在一千年以后 世界早已没有我 Because a thousand years later, I will have been long gone from this world

I was keying in my friends’ birthdays into my mobile phone’s calendar just now when I accidently typed someone’s birth year as 2079. I then saw that the ages of the others also celebrating their birthday in December had their ages as 91 and 92.

But by then, all of us will probably have long gone.

This made me think of JJ Lin’s 2005 song, 《一千年以后》Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou (A Thousand Years Later), one of my favourites from that album.


心 跳乱了节奏
爱 是个绝对承诺不说

放任无奈 淹没尘埃
我在废墟之中守着你走来 喔
我的泪光 承载不了 喔

因为在 一千年以后

能有谁 解开缠绕千年的寂寞

Friday, October 17, 2008

25 January 2006 The Star: A-do does well

The Star Online (Malaysia, English):

Dug this up when checking my visitor statistics just now.

A-do @ Wikipedia entry Culture of Singapore

The original article has changed since the cache was taken, but here's the screenshot of the cache!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 October 2008 A-do at a Yunnan food festival with Kym Jin Sha

(youyou URLs removed)

They were surrounded by so many fans that the police had to be called in to clear the way for them to leave. While they were being interviewed backstage, many of the backup dancers who had just finished their performance requested for photos.

A-do said he hopes his album will be out by the end of this year. I hope so too, it’s just been over a year since his last Release.

Survey of Chinese speaking public’s perception of Chinese artistes’ professionalism

(Pardon me if I sound a little academic in my translation, I am doing a project for school at the moment.)

Multiple voting is possible. A-do is listed as a Hong Kong/Taiwan male singer on the list.

7 October 2008 Kiki Hu Ling’s mention of A-do on her blog

sina blog entry (simplified Chinese):

Part 1: Hu Ling’s account of her birthday celebration on 5 July 2008
Part 2: 30 July 2008: Sequel to Kiki Hu Ling’s birthday party

Thursday, October 9, 2008

圆满每个梦 (Fulfil every dream) (link from taozideshouhou's blog)

The tune may sound familar, because this song was eventually recorded by Hong Kong girl duo Twins as 我很想爱他 (I really want to love him) A-do recorded this song in 2006 for a charity organisation in Taiwan called 阶梯梦想基金会 (which I shall take the liberty to translate as Step Dreams Organisation) which sends children from poor families to school, if I remember correctly. It's a nice and simple song, and I was a little disappointed when it wasn't chosen as one of the songs in his album.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A-do’s 2 October 2008 Harbin performance on the Chinese blogosphere

JJ fan Sally (also from youyou, thanks to ob_shcyj for the link):
They went to visit A-do at his hotel after that. Photos in the link.

This is another blog entry linked to Sally’s post, written by an Anita:
She gave A-do the Best Live Performance Award. :) One photo from the Chinese media up there.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

《都市恋人的追逐》Addicted To Love going on air in Malaysia!

Just saw this on a comment left on yuan’s blog.

Date: 22 October 2008
Time: 9:45pm (Singapore/Malaysia time)
Channel: ntv7

Each episode will be uploaded on the website by the next day. As the video pages include the coding to paste the video on your own page like what Youtube does, I will be pasting the videos here too. More details when my midterm ends next Wednesday and I return to youyou.

The Chinese character 杜 in a Korean name

While doing research for my project this morning, I saw this name in my search results:

李杜鉉(Yi Tu-hyŏn)

Based on the Google results, it seems that he specialises in Korean folk drama.

Discovery of the day: not only can you register the character 杜 in a Japanese personal name, you can also do so in a Korean name.

Much A-do about...: A Japanese阿杜?