Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A-do on the 2006 World Cup

With the World Cup starting tomorrow, I thought this would be a good time to translate and post a couple of related A-do quotes. So I went to search the A-do Baidu forum for the relevant interviews.

29 April 2006 Lianhe Zaobao article (Singapore):

I can't find the report on the Zaobao website, so I will post the relevant part of the article in Chinese together with the translation.



Local singer A-do who currently spends most of his time working in China will return to Singapore from Taiwan today. He will be singing in the May Day concert tomorrow (30 April 2006).

With his current series of engagements ending soon, A-do, who has been supporting Brazil since the 2002 World Cup, said happily, "I will be taking a break! I should be going to Germany to watch the World Cup. Anyway, it's going to be lively, and I have one or two months free."

(I wonder if he did make that trip since he was JJ's guest performer at his 24 June 2006 Singapore concert and Brazil was eliminated shortly after that.)

From a Sina interview on 11 August 2006:

Interviewer: Which team(s) do you support the most?
A-do: I am optimistic about two teams. One is Brazil, the other is Italy. I am very optimistic about these two teams.

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